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The Heart-to-Heart Songbook

An immersive concert of soul nourishing  songs, poetry, conversations and communal singing.

We invite you to gather and revel in the power of connection, togetherness and love in these dark times.

We humbly offer a sanctuary—a place where grief, joy, and resilience intertwine. 
Let Susan, spiritual counselor and author of the book
“A Heart's Landscape” and Shira fairy folk singer-songwriter, named “golden-voiced singer ” by The New York Times embrace you with an evening created to hold space for deep feelings. 

"The Heart to Heart Songbook" is more than just a concert; it's a testament to the power of music and storytelling to navigate the depths of our humanity. Join us as we hold each other tenderly and find strength in our shared experiences. 

-Cantor David Mintz

Director of the Center for Prayer and Spirituality

at B’nai Jeshurun NYC

-Jewish Women's Archive


Susan P. Lax

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Susan Lax  works as a spiritual counselor specializing in, but not limited to, those touched by illness, grief, and loving through death. She lectures and leads workshops on the topics of awareness and making room for joy. Susan is the author of the book A HEART’S LANDSCAPE,
which derived from her “Morning Inspiration,” an email newsletter released three times a week, and is a columnist with Patheos. In addition, she is the co-owner of Naot Footwear, a company that ethically manufactures handmade comfort shoes in Israel.

"Susan explores the gift of awareness and encourages the reader to really have an attentive heart"

Robin Roberts 



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Shira is an acclaimed Israeli-American singer-songwriter and Off-Broadway performer. Named the “golden- voiced singer” by The New York Times, Shira has recorded two albums, Till the Sun Comes and the new EP, Birds of a Feather.

She currently serves as the Artist-in-Residence at

B'nai Jeshurun Synagogue in NYC.


Her song, Am I Beautiful, inspired by her friend's battle with stage 3 breast cancer, went viral, leading to demand for performances all over the U.S. and Europe playing music that unites people in joy and healing.

" The golden-voiced singer"

Shira NY Times
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